JULY 12, 2020


  • POPLAR RIDGE FRIENDS SERMON - In the wilderness part 1 - JUly 12, 2020

    Join Pastor Dave Mercadante as he shares a sermon from Numbers 1-3, "In the Wilderness Part 1." There is a sermon outline that you can download below. OR FOLLOW ALONG ON THE POPLAR RIDGE APP (see info below).

  • Sermon Outline - July 12, 2020

    The digital version of this outline can be found on our App

  • poplar ridge prayer ministry

    Prayer list for the week of July 12, 2020

  • Letter from dave - July 9, 2020

    Here is the letter that was in the packets that were mailed out this week.

  • Download the poplar ridge app

    Download "The Church App" on your phone or tablet and set Poplar Ridge as your church. Enjoy the many features of our NEW APP! Click the Circle to view an informational video about the Poplar Ridge App from Tim.

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online giving

  • subsplash giving

    This link will take you to our new giving platform with Subsplash where you can make a secure one-time or recurring gift. You may give with a bank account transfer or a credit card, but note that bank transfer fees are much lower for the church, so that method is preferable. If you choose to do a bank account transfer, Subsplash will verify your bank account before making your first transaction, which could take 1-3 days. The church will still receive your donation. If you have any questions about online giving or need help, please contact Tim Vestal (336) 847-2752.

    We have closed Clover Giving.


  • July 12, 2020 - resources for age 2 - 6th grade

    Our online content has moved. You can still find the Videos we show to your children during Sunday School as well as easy to use Parent Guides. We use "Preschool" for Age 2 - Kindergarten / We use "Elementary for 1st - 3rd Grade / And we use "Preteen" for 1st - 6th Grade.